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Water Sort

Play Water Sort to pour same water together and create perfect tubes. Instead of pouring backwater into the previous tube, you have to replay the whole level.

Water Sort Puzzle

Welcome to a new puzzle game on our website! Our website is famous for word-guessing games like Wordle Unlimited and Foodle Unlimited, but now you can experience more games of other genres.

Their common feature is to bring you puzzles to test your thinking and problem-solving ability. Specifically, this Water Sort game will bring tubes with different colored water types. With a limited number of tubes, can you successfully pour water of the same color into the same tube?

Way To Solve Puzzle

This Water Sort game is divided into many different levels. Players must conquer each level in order to advance to higher levels. So how to complete a Water Sort level?

How To Complete A Water Sort Level

Each level has many types of water with many colors. They are contained in many tubes. Pour water from one tube to another and make sure each tube only has water of the same color. When all tubes meet the standard, you will complete that level. However, this Water Sort game offers some rules for pouring water.

Water-Pouring Rules

  • In Water Sort, you can only pour water of the same color together.
  • In empty tubes, you can pour any type of water.
  • Each tube can only hold 4 sections of water.
  • Players cannot go back to the previous step. Instead, you have to restart the entire Water Sort level.