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Chess Mania

Chess Mania is an online chess game with many levels. You still play as regular chess, but the number of pieces and their arrangement change with each level.

Overview of Chess Mania

This new board game will bring convenience and a new feeling to all players.

First, you will be able to play chess anytime and anywhere with your smart device. Chess Mania game does not require you to use any fixed device. However, if you use the same device, you can continue your gameplay with the correct number of conquered levels.

Second, playing chess will become more interesting with different levels because each level will give you different levels of difficulty. The number and arrangement of pieces are not fixed, so players need to adapt to these conditions.

After playing this brain game, you can move on to an entertaining Fruit Ninja game to relax your mind.

Play Each Chess Mate

This Chess Mania game is divided into many different mates for players to conquer each level.

How to Win Each Mate

Each mate will still give you chess pieces like a regular chessboard, but the number may vary. There may not be 32 pieces, but there are definitely 64 squares. Move the pieces to checkmate the opponent's King.

How to Move Chess Pieces in Chess Mania

The way of moving is similar to regular chess playing. Each chess piece will have different moving
ways in Chess Mania.

  • King moves one square around.
  • The Queen moves horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across multiple squares.
  • Bishop moves diagonally across multiple squares.
  • Knight moves in an L shape.
  • Rook moves horizontally or vertically through multiple squares.
  • Pawn initially moves one space forward, then moves one space forward, or two spaces if in its original position. The pawn attacks diagonally one square.