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Crossy Chicken

Crossy Chicken is a new Crossy Road version with simpler gameplay and faster speed. Can you go across busy roads, dangerous train rails, and deep rivers?

Comparison With Crossy Road

These two games have the same gameplay but the outstanding features are completely different.

Outstanding Crossy Gameplay

Crossy gameplay is the featured gameplay of both online games on our Blossom Word Game website. With this gameplay, the players' task is to cross different roads and terrains. During the move, you need to ensure time and safety for your chicken.

The playing screen will move continuously and you need to move quickly to respond to this movement speed. In addition, timing is also important to avoid moving cars and trains.

The Specialness Of Crossy Chicken

This new version of Crossy is faster than the original version so players can experience more challenging gameplay. This change is suitable for adventure enthusiasts.

In addition, you can unlock new characters like yellow chicken, cute panda, and pink pig with your collected coins. If you want to unlock new characters in the original version, you need to complete matches to receive the opportunity to spin the gift machine.

How To Control Crossy Chicken

You can control your chicken with the arrow keys. Your chicken can move flexibly to meet the conditions of this Crossy Chicken game.