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Crossy Road

Play Crossy Road to pilot your pet across busy roads, dangerous rivers, and complex forests in exchange for the chance to spin the lucky gift machine. Let's join this new game now to experience thrilling adventures!

Adventures With Your Pets

In this Crossy Road game, you will control your pet to overcome dangers and achieve the most admirable goal.

Crossy Road's Goal

Players want to get the highest score in matches. Your pet can move as far as possible because the roads are endless. The game is designed with an infinite pixel world, so your adventures have no limits.

In addition, players also want to collect coins that are scattered on the paths to unlock new skins for their character. In particular, you can also get new pets.

Finally, when you achieve high achievements, you will receive the opportunity to spin the lucky gift machine. In this lucky machine, there are many secret gift boxes with pets and skins. Try to get a high score in Crossy Road and spin this machine!

How To Control Your Pet

To control your pet's adventures, use the arrow keys. Each arrow key corresponds to a single direction of movement. When you use them, your pet will obey that control completely. In addition, after each match, you can use the spacebar to select Next.

During control, players need to pay attention to obstacles and dangers along the way.

Challenges In Crossy Road

There are many different obstacles depending on the path. In Om Nom Run, you have to overcome many obstacles and dangers and it is the same for you in this Crossy Road game.

  • Forests: Players do not face many dangers in forests. The only challenge is the complex map. Forests often have winding paths, so players need to find the correct path to move.
  • Rivers: Your pet cannot swim, so rivers are always a danger. To cross the rivers, your pet needs to jump on the floating logs. This moving way is not easy because of the constant movement of the logs.
  • Roads: Crowded roads are always the top challenge for players because they appear most often. Cars are always running across the roads and you need to avoid collisions. In addition, there are several train lines. You also need to pay attention to this danger through the railway warning lights.