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Curve Ball 3D

Play Curve Ball 3D to pass the ball from side to side in an impressive neon 3D space. You and your enemy will compete with each other to get the 3 points first.

Neon 3D Gaming World

In Curve Ball 3D, you can immerse yourself in a 3D world with vivid images. You play in a tunnel against one opponent. You and your opponent stand far apart at both ends of the tunnel. Distance and ratio are both based on reality when two players play ball against each other.

In addition, with a striking neon green color on a black background, this Curve Ball 3D game leaves an impression on players with its eye-catching interface.

Another 3D space is in Pop it 3D, an entertaining game with impressive bubble-squeezing gameplay.

How To Play Curve Ball 3D

To play this 3D game, players need to understand the gameplay and controls.

Curve Ball 3D Gameplay

You and your opponent both own a board to hit the ball. When the ball moves towards your position, quickly hit the ball towards your opponent. Your shot will be successful if the ball can move across the dividing line.

The Curve Ball 3D game will be divided into many different levels. To win a level, you need to win 3 points before your opponent. After that, you can move on to the next level with your points and respawns maintained. If you run out of revives in Curve Ball 3D, you will have to restart level 1.

How To Control Your Ball

Controlling Curve Ball 3D is simple as you just need to move your mouse to make the board move to target positions.