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Flappy Dunk

Join Flappy Dunk to play basketball online with a new way: click to bounce your ball into the basket. The number of successful baskets will become your score.

Flappy Dunk Gameplay

This new online game also focuses on the ball but it is very different from the Slope game. Your ball in Slope will roll on endless platforms while the ball in Flappy Dunk will fly.

New Gameplay With The Flying Ball

Your ball can fly through the air to make perfect dunks. During the move, you will see baskets ahead. Your task is to control the ball into these baskets to score points. You cannot fly back with past baskets so be careful not to miss any baskets. If you miss any baskets, this Flappy Dunk game will end.

How To Control Flappy Dunk

To control the basketball, players just need to use their mouse to click. After each click you make, the basketball will bounce up and move forward. Let's decide on the appropriate click time to launch the basketballs successfully!

Score With Successful Bounces

Once you get the ball into a basket, you score a point. Players can have endless experiences if they can get the ball into consecutive baskets. As a result, your points will create admirable achievements in Flappy Dunk.