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Slope is a fast-controlling game where players move across platforms of varying sizes and slopes. Can you move at an increasingly faster speed with the ball?

Slope Leaderboard

Before getting information about the gameplay, let's learn about the goals of Slope players.

Coming to this running game, all players want to gain as many points as possible. With high scores, you can appear in the leaderboard of the Slope game. This list will include the top 10 players across the server. It is challenging to become one of these talented players because of the way the game is scored.

Slope Game Scoring

Points are always an important factor contributing to players' achievements. Let's come to the scoring method of this famous game.

How to Calculate Slope Points

This online game will calculate points based on the number of platforms you pass. For each successful jump from one platform to another, you will receive one point. Therefore, the distance you travel does not affect your score much. Instead, you need to make many jumps in the Slope to get a high score.

How to Get High Score in Slope Game

To get a high score, you need to control your ball with the left and right arrow keys or AD keys. It's still the ball in Curve Ball 3D, but the control in the Slope game will become more difficult. Platforms with many sizes and slopes will easily make your ball fall into space.