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Furious Road

Let's drive in Furious Road and cross an endless desert full of enemies. In addition to your driving ability, your shooting ability will also be challenged.

Fast And Furious Game

Welcome to an action and racing game, called Furious Road! This online game will combine racing and action in an adventurous post-apocalyptic world. It is also a high-speed game like Slope Racing 3D. Through this driving game, players can show off their driving and fighting skills. Rush into fast and furious races to achieve success in this dangerous world!

In this Furious Road game, your mission is to drive through the dangerous desert, avoid enemy vehicles, and destroy them to reach the final goal. Here's how to play Furious Road!

Furious Road Gameplay

Driving and Avoiding Obstacles

In Furious Road, you will start with a basic car to drive through dangerous roads.

Use your keyboard to drive through the desert! Players need to avoid obstacles such as enemy vehicles, grasslands, or other obstacles on the road.

Destroy Enemies In Furious Road

On the way, you will encounter enemy vehicles attacking you. You can shoot from your car. Remember that you also need to manage ammunition and avoid attacks from enemies in Furious Road. Through the driving distance and the number of destroyed enemies, you can win different achievements.