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Help Wanted

Help Wanted is the final purgatory version of the Five Nights At Freddy's series. The main place is an entertainment company where you'll be a guard for 5 nights.

Help Wanted Introduction

This new game will bring you completely new experiences compared to previous games like Crossword and Connections Game. Instead of immersing yourself in the peaceful word world, you will become a night guard and participate in adventurous journeys at an entertainment company.

This Help Wanted game has horror elements so it will bring many thrilling and interesting elements. It will be extremely suitable for adventure and thrill enthusiasts. In particular, the sounds and background of Help Wanted will support you throughout the gameplay to have the best experience. Therefore, don't forget to turn on the sound and light level of the screen to an appropriate level.

Playing Guides Of This New FNAF Version

When participating in this Help Wanted game, players also have a leading mission throughout 5 nights.

Protect Yourself From Animatronics

The most important task is to protect your character from the dangers of Help Wanted. Your dangers come from animatronics primarily. With their movement, they will reach the guard room and attack you. To safely escape these 5 terrifying nights, you need to fight them. If you are attacked by them, failure will definitely come to you in Help Wanted.

How to Protect In Help Wanted

To fight the animatronics, players need to make the most of security cameras to find the animatronics' movements. After, close the door and turn on the lights to chase away these opponents before they get close to you. This is the only way for all players to conquer this Help Wanted game.