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Iron Snout

Iron Snout will bring you battles between a pig hero and vicious wolves. Practice and use your pig fighting skills to eliminate the bad guys!

Your Pig Hero

In Iron Snout, you will transform into a special character, a pig.

What characteristics does this pig have?

The first impression is the pig's appearance on the main screen. It stood automatically on two legs and expected every wolf to attack. Second, your pig can participate in any modes between Classic, Sudden Death, Wolfieball 2P and Pig Vs 100.

The main character of Iron Snout is no ordinary pig. Instead, it can fight enemies based on your controll.

Iron Snout Battles

You should practice your pig's skills before entering official matches. This online game will bring you thrilling action gameplay like Bright Lancer.

Practice Rour Pig's Skills

The Iron Snout skills are controlled by arrow keys.

  • You can punch and kick left and right with the left and right arrows.
  • The up arrow helps the pig jump up and perform somersaults in the air by double pressing the up arrow.
  • The down arrow allows your head down your body and kick your legs.

Iron Snout Combos

With your pig's 4 main skills, you can use combos to enhance your fighting abilities. You can both perform powerful punchs while jumping or use kicks while lowering your head.

Killing wolves will help you complete each mode's missions and collect things.