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Pacman is an escaping race between Pacman and Ghosts where your goal is to collect all the blips and escape the chase of the ghosts in different mazes. Complex mazes and endless chasing will bring you exciting experiences! Are you ready to join?

Escaping Races Of Pacman

Your main character is Pacman and he will perform two main tasks to complete his mission of escaping races: collect blobs of light and protect himself from ghosts. Please accompany him on every adventure!

Collecting Spots of Light

Bright spots appear in many different locations on the map. They appear in any corner of your map. You need to move over them to collect them. After completely collecting all the blips, you can proceed to the next Pacman level.

To complete this mission, you will face difficulties. The most prominent difficulty is the complexity of the maze where there are many turns and paths. You have to turn a lot and move continuously while protecting yourself from ghosts.

Protect Pacman

The second important task is to protect your character from ghosts. The ghost comes in many different colors such as red, blue, pink, and orange. However, they have one common feature: hurting your character after impact.

Therefore, to protect Pacman, avoid colliding with ghosts. In this situation, the maze's turns come to your aid. You have many different ways to avoid ghosts. In addition, Pacman's movement speed is fast which helps you run quickly from the ghosts' pursuit.

Some Tips For You

When playing this running game, you can apply Om Nom Run strategies to overcome obstacles and dangers. Move quickly and observe the entire map. You need to know the location of the ghosts and stay away from them.

In addition, don't forget a special passage between the left and right edges. These two gates help you move to either side quickly.