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Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby is a special sports game in which you can play soccer by driving a car and compete with other players in football matches!

Before Starting A Soccer Match

In Rocket Soccer Derby, players can make choices in the Garage, Car Shop, and Customize sections.

  • The Garage section allows players to view their cars in full screen mode.
  • If you progress to the Car Shop section, you can unlock new cars with different designs.
  • In the Customize section, players can choose the new car body, new paint colors, and choose effects.

After making all these choices, Rocket Soccer Derby players can proceed to the official levels.

Matches In Rocket Soccer Derby

As you can know, this new game is an impressive game with football. All matches focus on football, but they are divided into two modes.

2 Football Modes

In Rocket Soccer Derby, you can choose Play League or Quick Match on the main screen. Based on the name, you can also see the difference between these two football modes.

How To Play Rocket Soccer Derby

To play this new soccer game, control your car with the arrow keys. In addition, don't forget to try to score as many points as possible within the time limit to win.

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