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Run 3

Do you want to explore new levels or run on endless roads in Run 3? Let's run with your aliens to create achievements and get a high rank on the leaderboard!

Main Screen Of Run 3

On the main screen of this running game, you can see 6 different sections. They are divided into two main categories: Modes and Functions.

Modes For Running Aliens

Your main character is an iconic gray alien. This character is the symbol of this Run 3 game. When participating in the game, you can run with your character through two modes: Explore and Infinite mode.

These two modes differ in the length of the path. Explore mode will give you levels with limited paths while the paths in Infinity mode are endless.

Functions of Run 3

This online game allows you to track a lot of information and choose from a lot of items.

First, you can track Minimap for Explore mode, Achievements for endless journeys, and Leaderboard to summarize both modes.

Second, Run 3 players can visit the Shop to purchase new skins for your alien character.

Another Running Game

There are many running games like Run 3, but the Crossy Chicken game is the most outstanding with beautiful graphics. Players can embark on a new journey with the adorable chicken.

These two games have relatively similar controls even though the moving ways of the characters are completely different. Use the arrow keys to control both the chicken and the alien.