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Soccer Heroes

Conquer the championship in Soccer Heroes by defeating other online soccer teams! Move the ball towards the goal while avoiding all incoming enemies!

This new online game will introduce you to a completely new way of playing soccer. After playing this sports game, you can access Om Nom Run to join endless running matches.

New Way to Play Football

Instead of competing team against team, you will compete between an individual and a team. You will become the only member to score goals while fending off the entire opposing team.

Let's maintain control of the ball by staying away from opponents. If the ball is taken away, you will not be able to become the team's hero and this Soccer Heroes game will end after 3 such times.

During the game, players can control their character easily with your mouse. While moving, avoiding opponents is a top priority. In addition, don't forget to collect the golden balls and use them to kick away the enemies.

Other Important Notes

When playing Soccer Heroes, players should pay special attention to enemies and balls.

Your Enemy In Soccer Heroes

Because you participate in a football tournament, many other teams also participate to compete and win the championship. Therefore, your enemies are all the remaining teams.

When starting this Soccer Heroes game, players can choose their host country. After the selection, a notice board will appear and indicate your opposing teams.

Balls In The Playing Field

On the field, you possess a regular ball to move past enemies. This ball is extremely important because it determines your win or loss.

Besides this important ball, golden balls always appear at any location on the playing field.