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Zumba Ocean

Tap to change color and shoot jewels in Zumba Ocean. Try to create chams of the same color jewels and remove them to meet the requirements of each level!

The magic of the ocean world is waiting for you to explore in this new online game. Coming to this shooting game, jewels play an important role in collecting points. Jewels is also the main items in Jewels Match.

The Role Of Jewels In Zumba Ocean

Players will shoot jewels into appropriate positions to create sets of the same color. Jewels of the same color will be removed in Zumba Ocean and players will receive points.

Meanwhile, this online game requires players to win enough points, collect enough jewels, or remove them all to complete a level. To achieve this goal, players need to shoot the jewels accurately in the novel ocean environment.

To support this shooting process, this Zumba Ocean game provides power-ups and support features.

Power-ups And Support Features

Zumba Ocean Power-ups

There are many types of power-ups such as bombs, lightning, seven-colored jewels, or stone jewels. These power-ups all have different effects on Zumba Ocean.

For example, you can use a bomb to clear all jewels in a circular radius while seven-color jewels allow you to remove all the same colored jewels.

Some Support Features

In Zumba Ocean, players will receive lots of support to ensure they complete each level. First, this shooting game will guide and highlight all the roles of in-game items. Second, you can change the color of the jewel in each shot. This new feature of Zumba Ocean helps you remove targets easily.